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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

how to subscribe


seems like there are still quite a number of people out there who don’t know how to subscribe to blog posts (or RSS feeds). so here are some instructions for internet explorer – if you are using other technologies you cannot be helped :)

1. look for the orange RSS button in your tool bar and click it.


2. you’ll get redirected to a page where the header looks like the screenshot below. “learn more about feeds” will give you all the detailed knowledge you ever wanted about feeds. read thru it if you’d like. but then hit the “subscribe to this feed” link.


3. check the box “add to favorites bar” and click “subscribe”


4. you are done. the blog will now appear in your favorites bar. it will show in bold if there are new unread blog entries. no point to go there if it’s not bold = no news.


if you are following multiple blogs it’s useful to create a folder called “blogs” (or whatever you like). then drag the pat’ography blog into this folder (and all other blogs).

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