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Saturday, March 9, 2013

faces of dubai


first batch of what’s supposed to become a long series...

IMG_5342 bwIMG_5373 bwIMG_5178 bwIMG_4847 bwIMG_5062 bwIMG_5303 bwIMG_5297 bwIMG_5323 bwIMG_5280 bwIMG_5335 bwIMG_5112 bwIMG_5267 bwIMG_5386IMG_5153 bwIMG_5243 bwIMG_5230 bwIMG_5181 bwIMG_5092 bwIMG_5075 bwIMG_5317 bwIMG_5273 bwIMG_5185 bwIMG_5327 bwIMG_5358 bw

1 comment:

  1. Love the bored Shawarma-dude eating his own fries.....